About Frank Ellsworth Lockwood


Frank Ellsworth Lockwood is the author of the 2013 novel, “Captains All.”

Hello, my name is Frank Ellsworth Lockwood and I am the author of  the novel, “Captains All,” formerly “The FinaCruise.”  I now lives in Kennewick, Washington with my wife Laura and our two cats (Mojo and Iggy). We share six adult children between us. (My first wife died in 204 of pancreatic cancer.)

I enjoy playing the guitar, writing, reading and blogging, and gardening.

For about 15 years I taught, including Migrant Education and English as a Second language in public schools. I also worked as a staff reporter at the weekly newspaper “The HermistonbookcoverTHUMBNAIL_IMAGE Herald”for several years and was honored with eight awards through the Oregon National Newspaper Association. My life experiences include serving aboard ship (USS Los Angeles CA-135 and USS Frontier AD-25) in the US Navy, setting chokers as a logger, delivering milk house to house, repairing photo copiers and many others.

“Captains All (The Final Cruise), my first full length novel is now available at Amazon, Kindle,  Create Space http://createspace.com/4133264 and other outlets worldwide.

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Buy “Captains All,” an Americana book by Frank Ellsworth Lockwood - My first book, an Americana novel entitled “Captains All” (formerly “The Final Cruise”)  is now available online at Createspace, Kindle, Amazon and other sites. Yippee! Please visit the link: https://www.createspace.com/4133264 Thanks
Banner for Captains All: The Final Cruise - The above is a banner for “Captains All” by Author Frank Ellsworth Lockwood of Richland, Washington — that’s me. More to come soon, but the book is now available via Create Space and will soon be available in other outlets … Continue reading


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