About Frank Ellsworth Lockwood


Frank Ellsworth Lockwood is the author of the 2013 novel, “Captains All.”

Hello, my name is Frank Ellsworth Lockwood and I am the author of  the novel, “Captains All,” formerly “The FinaCruise.”  I now live in Kennewick, Washington with my wife Laura and our cat, Iggy. We share six adult children between us. (My first wife died in 204 of pancreatic cancer.)

Hobbies: I enjoy playing the guitar, writing, reading and blogging, and gardening.

Work History: For about 15 years I taught, including Migrant Education and English as a Second language in public schools. I also worked as a staff reporter at the weekly newspaper “The HermistonHerald” for several years.

Writing awards: I was honored with eight awards through the Oregon National Newspaper Association. My life experiences include serving aboard ship (USS Los Angeles CA-135 and USS Frontier AD-25) in the US Navy, setting chokers as a logger, delivering milk house to house, repairing photo copiers and many others.

Book: “Captains All (The Final Cruise), my first full length novel is available at Amazon, Kindle,  Create Space http://createspace.com/4133264 

and other outlets worldwide. (If the above link does not work, please try https://www.amazon.com/Captains-All-Frank-Ellsworth-Lockwood/dp/1481988522

Green Party

In November 2016, I became involved with organizing a new political party for our region. Green Party of the Mid-Columbia is recognized by Washington Greens and is responsible for evangelizing in five Washington counties: Benton, Franklin,  Walla-Walla, Yakima and Klickitat.

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